Terms & Conditions:


    • Once your clothes are delivered, you need to check infront of delivery person only. No further claims would be entertain after delivery.
    • After you finished up your subscribed package then only you can subscribe to new package.
    • We will attempt twice to deliver your order, if you are not there to take the delivery then it is your responsibility to take your clothes.
    • Order will be delivered only to that person who belongs to that subscription.
    • After subscribe our package then only you can give your clothes otherwise not.
    • After 24 hours of pick up schedule you can complaint late delivery otherwise not.


    • Food orders will be delivered within 30 minutes. In your absence order will be placed at your place.
    • Mention correct address for delivery otherwise it will cancelled .
    • In delivery address, you have to give address where you want to take delivery in college campus.
    • Once order placed it cannot be changed.
    • You cannot place order through call.
    • You cannot purchase directly from delivery boy.
    • Before 30 minutes of delivery you cannot say deliver fast.
    • You cannot change delivery address for delivery, once it is placed.
    • You cannot argue with delivery boy and counter person, if you having any issue/query, you have to call directly at helpline number.


    • Properly mention delivery address.
    • Once your order delivered than you need to check it infront of delivery man. No further claims would be entertain delivery.
    • Order can be change/exchange only if it is packed.
    • Order can be change/exchange within one day.
    • Order cannot be return, it can be exchange.